Illegal drug laboratories in Australia are found in rental properties, hotels, apartments, commercial and industrial properties, rural properties and private homes.

The Australian Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guideline2011 provide guidance on testing of properties that are suspected of being illegal drug laboratories. These Guidelines outlines the requirements for the assessors and remediation companies involved in the clean-up of clan labs, including qualifications and experience to be held by the assessors.

OHERM consultants are qualified experienced in assessments and post-remediation verification of clandestine drug laboratories.  When illicit drug contamination is identified, OHERM also provide a Remediation Action Plan for the clean-up.   The clean-up of former drug labs are governed by strict national and state guidelines and can incur significant costs if not professionally assessed and effectively remediated.

OHERM acts as an independent third-party specialist to ensure that our client’s property meets requirements of the national guideline and that it can be occupied again.