The objective of OHMP is to provide a best practice guideline to the site management, workers and contractors for the effective management of Occupational Health and Hygiene hazards on site. The OHMP usually contain comprehensive information on identification of chemical, physical and biological health hazards, exposure assessments, biological monitoring, statistical analysis and assessment of health risks, hierarchy of control measures; and requirements of worker training, review and record keeping.

The risk-based monitoring program (RBMP) is an important part of the OHMP.  The RBMP ensures systematic determination of the risk associated with the contaminants based on the exposure monitoring data, ensures that appropriate control measures are in place in relation to managing the risk associated with the hazards and review the effectiveness of controls. The reasons for conducting exposure monitoring can be:

  1. Provide personal exposure levels for quantitative risk assessment;
  2. Evaluate exposures for compliance against legislative exposure standards; and
  3. Review the effectiveness of controls being used.

The exposure monitoring required for quantitative assessment can be a baseline monitoring or periodic monitoring. The exposure monitoring is usually undertaken when the risk of exposure to a hazard is assessed as potentially moderate to extreme; or when the risk of exposure is uncertain; or when a specific assessment for hazards which are assessed as low risk of exposure in order to ensure that the existing controls are still effective.

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OHERM engages qualified and experienced experts to carry out EHS management systems audit for a wide range of industries including manufacturing, mining and construction. For the purpose of the  EHS audit, OHERM can serve as a mediator by taking in to account the views of both the auditor and the auditee in order to help identify the most reasonable and effective solution for meeting legal and certification compliance for the environment and occupational health & safety management of an organisation.

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